Hello fellow recyclers! We have taken note of some common questions that we receive here at Recycle Revolution and created this F.A.Q. page in order to have all of them answered in the same place. Enjoy! Questions are divided into the following categories:
General | Recycling | Composting | TMI


Q: Will I be paid for bringing my aluminum cans, plastic bottles, or glass bottles?
A: No, we do not offer rebates. We encourage you to still recycle those materials rather than throwing them away!

Q: Where are you located?
A: 6835 Forest Park Rd. Dallas, TX 75235. Close to Love Field Airport.

Q: What are the timings?
A: Monday through Friday 7am-3pm.

Q: Can I leave recyclables after hours?
A: No, you may not leave recyclables after hours. (Sorry!) We have experienced issues with this policy in the past.

Q: How does the Community Drop-off center work?
A: 1) Pull your car into the driveway. (First left through gates once you are on Langston Court) 
2) Drop off your sorted and clean recyclables into the appropriate bin(s) in the alley perpendicular to the driveway. 
3) Sign-in inside the warehouse. There is a binder immediately on your left once you enter.

Q: How does the sign-in sheet work?
A: Please leave your name, email, zip code on the sign-in sheet. If you paid for any items to be recycled, note the amount that you paid. Lastly, check off all of the items that you dropped off.

Q: Why do we charge for certain recyclables?
A: There is a category of recyclables known as HaRM or Hard to Recycle Materials. These objects are either extremely harmful to the environment and its inhabitants (e.g styrofoam) or they are objects with mixed components. (e.g computers have plastic, metal, electronic components to them) The process required to recycle these items is much more specialized and time intensive. For this reason, we have placed a charge for these items. For more information about HaRM, click here. We truly appreciate your commitment to recycling!

Q: Can I pay by card?
A: Yes, we take card or cash. No minimum amount required for card payment.


Q: What materials can be recycled for free at the Community Drop-off center?
A: Cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum/mixed metals, and glass bottles.

Q: Do you accept all types of plastics?
A: Yes, we accept all types of plastics.

Q: Do I need to separate my plastics?
A: No, you do not need to separate your plastics. We do ask, however, that you keep plastic bags together (place all of your bags into one of the bags) when you drop them off.

Q: Do I need to clean out my plastic food containers?
A: Yes, please! The notion that food does not interfere with the recycling process is unfortunately widespread but wrong. When dropping off your plastic containers or bottles please give them a quick rinse to ensure that no food residue or product is still present. Thank you!

Q: Do bottle caps need to be removed from plastic bottles?
A: No, we do not require bottle caps to be separate from the bottle.

Q: Do you accept straws?
A: No, we do not accept straws. All the more reason to have THAT conversation with your barista or waitress!

Q: Do you accept plastic grocery bags?
A: Yes, we do accept plastic grocery bags. We request that you place all of them into one bag so there is not additional sorting required downstream.

Q: Do you accept window panes or glass table tops?
A: No, we only accept glass bottles. Microwave plates, vases, or anything that is NOT a glass bottle is not accepted. For more information regarding glass, click here.

Q: What about glass candle holders that have some wax in them?
A: If it is a full candle, we will not accept it. If there is only a little residual wax left at the bottom, we will accept that.

Q: Do I need to break down my cardboard boxes before I bring them?
A: Yes, please! For more information on cardboard, click here.

Q: Do you accept shredded paper?
A: Yes, but we ask that you keep it contained in a trash bag, so that it does not get messy. For more information about what types of paper we accept, click here.

Q: If I wanted to shred some documents (credit card statements etc.), would I be able to do so?
A: Yes, we can shred documents on your behalf. It is $5/bankers box.

Q: Where do aluminum cans go?
A: There are 2 bins specifically for aluminum cans. The 3rd bin right beside it is for mixed metals which could include but is not limited to: canned goods, pet food cans, coat hangers etc. We ask that you keep the aluminum cans separate with as little cross-contamination as possible because aluminum can recycling is a very streamlined process.

Q: What materials do you accept other than commodity goods ?
A: Styrofoam, e-waste (assorted electronics), batteries, bulbs, VHS/cassette tapes, CDs, toners/ink cartridges, ballasts, capacitors. For a full list of what we do (& don’t) accept, visit this page on the website.

Q: What are the prices of the materials that are not free?
A: You may access the pricing list here.

Q: What materials do you NOT accept?
A: clothes, furniture/lumber/yard trimmings, mattresses, concrete/bricks, or very large appliances (refrigerators, washing machines etc.). Sorry! Even if we don’t recycle these specific items, there are several companies within DFW that do. If you need any references, please feel free to call us.


Q: What foods are acceptable for composting?
A: If you can safely consume it, we compost it! All food ranging from fruit and veggie scraps, meat, dairy, cooked food or leftovers, candy, sugars, and flours. One thing we do NOT accept is butter/oil directly. Foods that are/were cooked in butter/oil are accepted.

Q: How can I participate in composting with Recycle Revolution?
A: You can bring your own food scraps to our Community Drop-off center. We charge $1/gallon.

Q: Is there a Residential Compost Collection Service provided for RR?
A: Not currently. :/ However, if you are interested please send an email to community@gmail.com with your name and zip code. Once significant interest in a given zip code is shown, we will reach out to all of those residents at that time to begin the residential compost collection.

Q: What can I bring the food scraps in?
A: You are welcome to bring your own sturdy, reusable container if you have one. We sell 5-gallon compost buckets for $20 which makes it easy for us to charge based on the amount you bring in ($1/gallon) and keeps the smell tightly concealed. However, you are not required to purchase them. We recommend against using plastic trash bags to store your food scraps since they are not as sturdy and more importantly- not reusable!

Q: How often should I come to drop-off my compost?
A: As often as you want! Depending on how many food scraps you produce, you can adjust your frequency accordingly so that your compost does not stink up your living space.

Q: Is it hard to compost?
A: No! We know that in recent years composting has been hyped up a lot and that there is a lot of varied information out there. RR has tried to make it as easy as possible to compost for Dallas residents. In fact, the system that we have set up for you bypasses the hardest step of composting. All you have to do is keep your food scraps in a separate container, and we take care of the rest!

Q: Why should I compost?
A: Ah, the infamous question. True statement: the US alone produces billions of pounds of food waste each year. Basically, that means billions of pounds of waste are landfilled each year. The most important reason to compost, in RR’s opinion, is to be a responsible citizen. By consciously making the choice to divert waste, we can encourage friends, family, and neighbors alike to live in harmony with our environment. A single household can divert thousands of pounds of waste (which can add up to TONS over the years!) if they choose to compost instead of simply trashing their food waste.

Q: How is composting beneficial?
A: In addition to diverting billions of pounds of waste as mentioned above (#nbd), creating compost enriches gardens with natural nutrients transcending the need to use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides keeping our community healthy. Composting also provides significantly more jobs than landfilling and prevents degradation of natural resources. So it’s a win-win-win. Win.

Q: Can I purchase compost at your facility?
A: Yes indeed, you can! The same food scraps you gave us to be composted transforms into nutrient-rich compost perfect for your gardens and potted plants at home. It is very fulfilling to know that your food scraps contributed to this compost and that same compost will return its nutrients back to the earth instead of stinking up some landfill who knows where!

Q: How do landfills affect me?
A: Short answer -- Landfills negatively affect the health and sustenance of our communities. Long answer -- We have desensitized ourselves from the concept of trash. (#realtalkguys) We simply toss it in the trash bag, throw the bag into the dumpster, watch it get picked up by a cockroach looking truck, and think it is dropped off to a faraway, distant land (that doesn’t affect us!). The truth is, the toxic fumes present near a landfill pollute the surrounding air and communities. Traces of these particles can be found anywhere across the globe. Landfills also directly contaminate the groundwater. Landfilling is a futile effort with a definite expiration date. We cannot use this system for the remainder of time. Just because the problem may not arise in your lifetime, that does not give us the privilege to be indifferent, avoid working towards a solution with our families and communities, or avoid the effort to find a sustainable alternative.

TMI: Too Much (of awesome) Information

Q: How is it that some composting services do not accept meat and dairy while we do?
A: The main reason that meat and dairy is not recommended for compost by some sources is because of the pests that it attracts and the smell it produces. Using meat and dairy is prone to attract rats, raccoons, and other rodents particularly with backyard composting, and your compost is more likely to rot and have a more pungent odor including these two.
However, the scale that RR composts is much larger than the scale for individual households. Plus, we work with a facility that monitors the composting process very diligently and maintains the carbon:nitrogen:oxygen ratio at an optimum level creating nutrient-rich compost that we sell on site!

Q: Why are certain glass items (microwave plates, vases) not accepted?
A: When in doubt…..melting point. Many times, the reason some materials cannot be recycled together is because each of the materials have different melting points. Thus, they cannot be mixed with each other because it causes complications downstream. For this reason, we ask that you recycle only glass bottles at our facility.

Q: How does composting actually work?
A: There are three components to composting: brown waste (wood, paper - carbon), green waste (food scraps - nitrogen), and air (oxygen). Contrary to many sources and popular opinion, the ratio of brown waste and green waste is not the same. There is a significant higher amount of brown waste than green waste present in the mix. The compost also needs to be regularly turned and thoroughly mixed to get exposed to sufficient amounts of oxygen.

Q: How does RR keep the doors open?
A: The vast majority of our income is generated by providing the service of recycling and composting to businesses in North Texas that prioritize sustainable practices. The value of commodity recycling is not nearly enough to sustain our entire business. However, Recycle Revolution was founded on the principle to foster a culture centered around recycling and composting in North Texas and we plan to continue doing so regardless of the face value of certain practices.

Q: Why do we have so many specifications as to how to recycle?
A: The commodity goods that come through this facility are all sorted by hand. And by hand we mean……BY HAND! That means tons of recyclables and food waste have been sorted manually by a small crew of under 20 people. Keeping that in mind, we request that you respectfully and responsibly recycle and reduce your contamination as much as possible. Thank you so much for choosing to recycle! You rock.

Didn’t see the question you were looking for? Email us or give us a call and we will be happy to answer it!