Recycle Revolution (RR) is an independent, non-landfill recycling & compost collection service and Community Drop-Off Center in Dallas, Texas.

We provide "one-stop shop" recycling + compost collection to North Texas's most environmentally-responsible businesses, and consulting & project management to events and projects with LEED & Zero Waste goals. We also operate Dallas-Fort Worth's most comprehensive Community Drop-Off Center, where we welcome residents from across the state to drop off their traditional & Hard-to-Recycle Materials ("HaRM") and learn about the recycling process.

We built our company by offering North Texans a responsible alternative to landfilling at a time (the early 2000's) when commercial recycling practices were virtually non-existent. Today, we divert a larger array of materials from local landfills--including food waste, Styrofoam, glass, wood waste, electronics, and more--than any other company we know of.

We're proud to call 200+ organizations--from Fortune 500 companies to vibrant local businesses--"Our Clients", and to work alongside them and the City of Dallas as partners in our shared vision of a healthier, more prosperous community.

Making North Texas a better place has always been our reason for being. We believe that recycling and composting are simple, effective, and rewarding ways to do just that.

We'd love to recycle with you, too. :)

Team RR


Why We Do This.

We wanted to make a place that people could trust to do the right thing.


To foster a culture of recycling & composting in North Texas, provide outstanding service to businesses that care, and use our success to rally for good neighborship & environmental awareness.


Why We Do This




Recycling Since Landfilling Was Cool


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