What We Do (& Don't) Recycle

Recycle Revolution accepts an ever-growing, ever-changing array of materials via both our Collection Service & Community Drop-Off Center. From traditional stuff to e-waste, HaRM to food waste, here is a list of the items we can help you divert from local landfills.

If you don't see something on here and would like to recycle it, feel free to give us a call! If we can't help you, we may know someone who can.

A couple of quick notes...

  • Our Community Drop-Off Center is intended for residential use only. If you'd like to recycle with us as a business, please click here or here.

  • As a general policy, we do not offer any rebates (money back) for materials delivered to our Community Drop-Off Center.

  • Unless otherwise noted, all items listed are acceptable via both our Collection Service and our Community Drop-Off Center.

  • Please note that HaRM items (including e-waste), as well as food scraps & secure document destruction, incur a processing fee. Click here for more information on pricing.

  • Our Drop-Off Center is located at 6835 Forest Park Rd, Dallas 75235 (near Dallas Love Field Airport)

  • Our Center is open M-F, 7am - 3pm. We are not (as of 9/1/18) currently open on weekends

With no further ado, then, here (below; in alphabetical order as much as possible) is a list of the specific items we currently do & don't accept at RR.

Don't see something on here? Contact us! If we don't accept it, we may be able to help you find someone that does.

What We Don't Recycle 

(know someone who does? Let us know!)

Aerosol cans

Air conditioners

Aluminum & Tin Foil

Appliances (large)

Asphalt, Bricks, Cement



Ceramics, Porcelain

Clothing, Shoes


Glass Vases, Tabletops, Window Panes

Toilets (you would be surprised….)


Wooden Pallets

Yard Trimmings

Yoga Mats

What We Do Recycle

For free:

Aluminum Cans

Cardboard (we also give away moving boxes for FREE!)

Glass bottles and jars

Mixed metals (canned goods, metal rods, etc)

Paper (all types)

Plastic (#1-7)

For a charge:
See pricing here. See F.A.Q. here.


Ballasts (Non-PCB & PCB)

Capacitors (Non-PCB & PCB)

Cassettes/VHS tapes

CDs (with “jewel” cases)

Electronics (TVs, Computers, Printers, anything with a plug!)

Food scraps & Compostable Materials

Light Bulbs

Packing Peanuts