We're Environmentalists & Nature-lovers at Our Core

At our core, Recycle Revolution is a green company. We were founded by individuals who cared about the environment and saw a desperate need for comprehensive recycling services in North Texas. To paraphrase Eddie, we didn't have the luxury of hopping on an existing 'green' wave--we helped make the wave itself, with a decade of hard work, education, awareness, and dedication to the issues we work on.

And you know what? we're still working to create that wave. Our #RaiseTheBarDallas campaign is but the latest example of how we use education, awareness, and people power to affect positive change in Dallas.

Unlike so many other companies that collect recyclables, RR isn't a waste hauler that relucted to offer recycling programs due to popular demand. Today, the notions of sustainability and environmental well-being permeate and inform ourmissionapproach, and daily operation.