What We Do (& Don't) Accept

RR diverts an ever-growing, ever-changing array of materials via both our Collection Service & Community Drop-Off Center. From traditional stuff to e-wasteHaRM to food waste, here (below) is a breakdown of the items we can help you divert from local landfills.

Don't see something on here? Feel free to call us at 214.566.3025. If we can't accept it, we may know someone who can!


Traditional Stuff

The post-consumer items we usually think about when we hear the word 'recycling'.


Hard-to-Recycle Materials (HaRM)

From discarded electronics (e-waste) to light bulbs, batteries, and ballasts, HaRM is a broad category of recyclables that sometimes incurs processing & handling fees.


Food Waste (for Composting)

Meats, sweets, dairy, organics, compostable cultlery, and more.