The RR Difference

Multi-national waste haulers and local junk removal trucks pass by seemingly every few seconds, and "scrap yards" are a dime a dozen. What makes RR stand apart from these other options? And what makes us the best steward for your "waste" stream?

Here are just a few of the many reasons why we think RR stands (head & heels!) above the crowd:

1. It feels good to work with us. When your company recycles (or composts!) with RR, you're not only getting the best customer service in the business (see below!), you're also supporting 

1. You can tust us

1. We're service providers (not commodity brokers). The first thing we like to tell people during tours of our Center is that, if they've never been to a recycling facility before, we're a really bad one to tour first! Why? Because our business model is unique in that we're a service provider, first, and a recovery center second. 

Our job - and the thing that brings in upwards of 95% of our revenue as a company - is to create effective, environmentally-responsible resource recovery programs for businesses, apartments, and condos (our Clients). We educate staffs, provide containers, and make regularly-scheduled collections, and provide customer service to troubleshoot any issues  . The fact that we then receive (and, very often, sort) recyclable materials is almost . This twist on the traditional . This fundamental difference powers our ... allowing us to accept materials with little, no, and negative value - materials that traditional recyclers would pass on (and therefore would otherwise end up in local landfills).

It also means that we're accountable to you, the Client (note that you're not a "customer"). If the cardboard market drops - or, more relevantly, when the plastic market plummets, we're still beholding to you, and will exhaust every possible scenario to help you dispose of your materials in the most environmentally-responsible manner possible. That's our business.

We're in the green industry, not the recycling industry. Rather, we're a bridge between consumers & companies who want to do "the right thing" with their

Our Clients pay us.

2. We offer programs, not dumpsters. If this sounds confusing, please allow us to explain. Containers (like dumpsters, roll-out carts, compactors, etc.) are merely the means by which you recycle - they're necessary tools in the logistics equation of the recycling process. What they are not, however, are educators, nor a motivator, nor do they pick up the phone when you have a question about what is (or isn't) recyclable. Education is why. And reports keep you motivated. You'll learn something along the way.

2. We do things the right way. And by "the right way", we mean "the sustainable way", in the truest sense of the word. We start with education, which is both the ultimate motivator and... Also known as the top reason you should work with us that you weren't aware of! RR were founded environmental, social, and service standards in the busines. You simply will not find a team more dedicated to ensuring your organization's success in responsibly diverting materials from local landfills. We work side-by-side with all of our Clients to both develop (if desired) and achieve their respective goals--no matter the size or scope--and utilize our resources to accomplish those goals in the most environmentally- and socially-responsible manner possible. It is our Mission, and it's what gets us up in the morning. 

Our brand means something, and we like to think it didn't happen by accident. That's the short story. The long story is that we've worked tirelessly since our founding in 2008 to offer North Texan folks & businesses a responsible alternative to landfilling, but to educate them about why recycling & other Zero Waste practices are important. In that process, we've made a name for ourselves as a company that does things the right way. This effort extends to our social media presence, where thousands of North Texas's most environmentally-thoughtful residents come together to discuss "waste"-related issues like recycling, composting, LEED, and Zero Waste.

It means something when you see our 95-gallon containers in your office (or out back your building), the same way it means something to your customers when they see our sticker on your front door. It means you've gone the extra mile to do things the right way. We think you'll feel good about working with us, and your employees, clients, partners, and followers will feel good knowing that.

2. RR is local. And local, in this context, means accessibleaccountable, and understanding. Our main offices (and Drop-Off Center) are located just down the road at 7600 Sovereign Row, near downtown Dallas, and our staff lives, works, and plays (hey, its true!) in Dallas-Fort Worth, and we understand this community, its business culture, and the unique needs and concerns of its residents. We are necessarily in touch with local issues, and we celebrate the same victories and endure the same tribulations that other North Texas businesses do. We are not the local branch of a nation-wide company - we are here and here, alone - and we like to think that our Clients feel that. 

Translation: You have our full attention.

3. RR is family-owned and operated. Why is this important? Because our staff is small, our level of service is high, and our Values are alive and well. We're not so large that we've forgotten who we are or why we are successful, nor have we merged or been acquired by such a company. Our team loves what we do, and we do it (very!) well. And we're definitely not large enough for you to become just a number. You'll be part of the RR family.

3. RR is a one-stop shop. It's a fact: we offer more services, more container options, and more collection scenarios than any other company we know of, and we accept a larger variety of materials (including Hard-to-Recycle items), too. We bend and flex for our Clients, and there's a reason for this: no two Clients - or their waste streams - are completely alike. Different operations require different programs, and we have the resources and the will to tailor-fit those programs for large & small operations, alike.

While there are bound to be situations out there that we're currently unequipped to service, we'll do the research and let you know why that's the case and who (if anyone) would be better suited to help your company.

4. RR is a non-landfill recycling company. Can you imagine trusting your brand new recycling and compost programs to the same company that was willingly (and eagerly!) landfilling those materials just the day before? Hard to believe, but it's a scenario we see too frequently, and the conflict of interest is enormous. RR does not own or operate a landfill (and we never have or will!), and we do everything possible to divert our Clients' recyclable materials from them. That means composting, researching and recycling difficult materials, and providing the necessary education and support to ensure that our Clients' recyclables end up where they're supposed to (in the hands of local processors) and not where they shouldn't (local landfills).

Bottom line: You can trust us with your recyclables.

5. Easy, short-term, no-frills contracts. Service Agreements are necessities in our line of business, and for good reason. They allow Dispatchers to piece together functional long-term routes and Drivers to park on foreign properties and access to collection containers. They identify third-party property (i.e. containers, machinery, etc.) and protect you, the Client, from unreasonable price hikes. They shield both parties from unwanted liability.

At RR, we agree that Service Agreements should protect both parties from the unexpected and encourage the smooth course of daily operation, but we don't believe they should be used as tools to lock Clients into unfavorable, long-term commitments - that's what outstanding service is for! Our standard Service Agreement is for 1 year, with a 1-month "out" at any time. You don't even have to put it in writing (just call!). We ask all of our Clients to sign short-term Agreements to help us plan stable, sustainable routes. If you are unhappy with our service for any reason at any time, we make it easy to leave.

Bottom Line: We want you to recycle with us because you enjoy working with us, not because you are legally or financially obliged to.

6. RR is an environmental company. Recycle Revolution was founded by people who cared about the environment and saw a need for comprehensive recycling in North Texas. We did not hop on a trend (there was no trend to hop on at that time!), nor are we a waste hauler that relucted to offer recycling programs due to popular demand. Today, the notions of sustainability and environmental well-being permeate and inform ourmissionapproach, and daily operation.

6. We champion our Clients & partners, and we have a voice that matters. To the greater community. We are super-active on social media, with a following of 6,000+ passionate North Texans on Facebook. If you want to tap into the local environmental/activist community, our platform is genuine & responsive. They'll love to know you recycle, and that business is about more than the bottom line for your organization. 

7. We practice what we preach. Sure, our in-house compost program won't win us any awards... yet. But we've been working dilligently on it, and that is the point! We work here for a reason: we genuinely enjoy and believe in what we do. We reuse (and reuse and reuse and reuse) everything we can in-house and dilligently recycle the rest. Trying to find a trash can at our main office is like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

If something (like a container or a sign) doesn't work for us at our place of business, we wouldn't dream of... We like to think that the true character of our staff comes through in both our work and our role in the community outside of Recycle Revolution, and we hope you'll see that, too. And check back with us in a month or two about our in-house composting program--you'll see, we'll get the kinks out. ;) 

8. Our track record is awesome. Like many small businesses, we, at RR, do everything humanly possible (and then some!) to provide the friendliest, most reliable service out there. Luckily, the technologically-amazing folks at places like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Foursquare have made it possible to quantify those efforts. It's true! We highlyhighly encourage you to visit those sites and others to read the feedback from our past and current Clients. And, if you're comparing us to another company, we encourage you even more to check out their reviews!

9. RR is a WMBE (Woman Minority-owned Business Enterprise). It's pretty rare (and neat!) for a minority woman to own a recycling company. Don't believe us? Google it!

10. Our team is awesome. Passionate, knowledgable, friendly, creative and efficient are just a few words that come to mind . Don't believe us? Check this guy out. Our drivers are the face of our company, and they are the only members of our Team that you will likely interact with on a regular basis. It's important that you like them! It's also important they understand your program, your needs, and and the in's and out's of recycling and waste management in North Texas. As Thad points out, its also important that they're happy (i.e. they like what they do for a living!). Our guys do.

9. Our service is awesome (and old school). We don't have automated voicemail--and we have no plans to get one.

11. We match your effort. If you are willing to go green, we are willing to go the distance.

12. Our bins (& signage) is colorful. In fact, our whole company is pretty colorful. We like colors, and so do North Texans, apparently. Our bins currently come in 3 shades of blue (including turquoise!), as well as green, and the signage

No job (or program, container, business, etc!) is too small or large. RR is the only recycling company in North Texas that counts both industrial-sized compactors and valet-style blue bag ("hand") services. As far as we know, we continue to be the only company that will dare collect a single 95-gallon container from the 22nd floor of a downtown high-rise. We were built to service Dallas's thriving small business community, but have grown to accomodate much larger establishments.  

we Ask your local trash service rep (if you can reach them!) if dairy products or drywall are compostable in North Texas, or what the best alternative is for Styrofoam plates and why. Think they'll go the distance(research-wise) for you, too?