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Our collection service is compatible with any 5-gallon (or smaller) bucket. You can either buy one from your local hardware store, re-purpose an old one (like a big paint bucket!), or pick up one of our (very cool) blue buckets with WHITE LOCKING GAMMA LIDS and COLORFUL COMPOSTING GUIDELINE STICKER for just $25, delivered. We recommend going with ours (of course!), and if you do, we'll deliver it to you as soon as you confirm your pledge. If you opt to not get a bucket from us now (or if something happens to yours at any point during the program), you can always order one from us later.
How did you hear about us? :)
Our Service Agreements are (very!) short & easy, and you can end service at any time with 30 days notice. We will be offering discounts to help us build a sustainable route in your neighborhood. How long do you think your household will be interested in signing up for? Don't worry: we're not asking for payment here, so you can change your mind once the service begins.

Thank you so much for your interest in composting with us!

As of January 1, 2017, just 4% of all Texan households had access to residential food waste collection programs. We're hoping to add yours to that list. :)

We like to think of it as just one more small thing we can do each day to make North Texas a healthier, happier place to call home.

Here (below) is how you can get started.

1. Most North Texan residences are eligible for service, but see this map to make sure yours qualifies, just in case!

2. Pricing does not vary by neighborhood, but the minimum number of participating households necessary to bring the service to your neighborhood does: the further a neighborhood is located from our Center (near Love Field Airport in Dallas), the more participating households it will need in order for us to begin service there (it's a logistics thing!).

3. Click on your neighborhood from the list below to see whether service has already begun there or if more pledges (including yours) are still needed. Generally speaking, we'll need 5 - 10 houses in a neighborhood in order to begin servicing it.

4. Fill out the pre-order form located on this page, you'll become a Pledgee (and a recycle revolutionary! :) ), pledging your household's interest in our food waste collection service and helping to unlock composting for your whole neighborhood. Once enough of your neighbors pledge their interest too, we can begin service to the area, with corresponding price drops as participation increases (for more info, click here). Think of it like you're Kickstarting your neighborhood's compost program!

5. Payment information is not required during the pledging process, although you are welcome to submit it now rather than later. RR won't begin service in your neighborhood until we've A) received enough pledges in the neighborhood to activate service; and B) spoken with you and your neighbors to confirm interest one week prior to the day that service commences. That way, we can be sure we're all on the same page on the date when service to your neighborhood begins!

6. In the meantime, be sure to tell your neighbors about the program! Also be sure to check back on this page (and/or follow us on Facebook): we'll be updating the number of Pledgees in each North Texas neighborhood daily, and will be sure to get in contact with you (using the contact info you provide in the form below) as soon as the minimum number of pledges for your neighborhood have been received.

7. Once we receive your confirmation, we'll ask for payment info, provide you with a schedule (and a bucket, if you'd like one), and begin regular service.

Once you've submitted your Pledge form, please feel free to click around on the links below to learn more about composting and how RR's food waste collection program works. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call at 214.566.3025 or (better yet!) stop by our Center near Love Field Airport.

Thank you and we look forward to composting with you!

- Team RR