Recycle Revolution is proud to annouce the launch of our Blue Bucket Program, the first curbside compost collection service in North Texas!

Curbside Compost

Did you know that your kitchen scraps can be turned into compost? It's true! If you live in an apartment, condo, or simply don't have the time or space to perform backyard composting (we feel your pain! more on that, below...), you can still have your kitchen scraps turned into compost.

RR collects kitchen scraps from homes in Dallas each week and would love to add you to one of our routes. But first...

Why Compost?

It’s a simple process. It saves landfill space. It turns (otherwise) castoff food into a new resource. Plus, RR is working with our local vendors on a plan that would give our Blue Bucket customers "compost credit" to donate to local gardens.

Lastly, keeping organic materials out of your trash can (and in one of our sealable buckets!) significantly improves the smell of your kitchn right up until trash day! :D

Some Background on the Blue Bucket Program!

Originally conceived as a way to help RR collect organic materials for  fellow Dallas-based green entrepreneurs, Texas Worm Ranch, our Blue Bucket Program quickly became a hit with many of our own employees, who were unable to create a compost pile at their own residences for a variety of reasons (no space at home, no time to turn the pile, apartment rules, the dog ate my homework, etc.). The in-house support was incredibly valuable at the onset of the program, meaning that this is truly a program of the people, people! :D

For more information on the program, keep reading, below! For more (non-scientific!) information on compost, click here.

How it Works

Buy the special Blue Bucket setup from Recycle Revolution. The bucket and lid are yours to keep and every week we supply you with a new compostable bag. Every day, put your kitchen scraps into the bucket. On pickup day, put your bucket outside your front door. We will pick up your bag full of kitchen scraps and leave you next week’s bag.

Currently the Curbside Compost Program is available to Deep Ellum residents only. If you don't live in Deep Ellum but are interested in seeing if/when RR can service your location (try us!), click the link below and let us know where you live.

Interested? Sign Up today!