Material Recovery (MRF)

RR receives, handles, and prepares hundreds of tons of materials for downstream processing each year at our mini-MRF in central Dallas. 

Capabilities & Features

Our unique capabilities as a MRF include:

  • Shipping & receiving
  • Ability to sort to spec
  • Wide range of acceptable pre- and post-consumer materials, including food products (see full list, below)
  • Baling and bagging
  • Depackaging services
  • Docmentation of handled goods
  • Certificates (of recycling, composting)

Our Center features:

  • No lines
  • Dock access
  • Grade-level access
  • Forklifts & skid steers
  • Rebates for qualifying materials
  • Processing Fees (for Sorting, Unpackaging, etc.) for qualifying materials

Materials Accepted

Commercial* quantities of baled, contained, and/or palletized grades of pre- and post-consumer: paper (MIX, SOP, SWL); plastic (PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS); aluminum & tin cans; cardboard (OCC); glass bottles (all colors); batteries; ballasts; lamps & bulbs; electronics; Styrofoam; spoiled food products, and more

* RR assesses each load we receive individually based on weight, volume, containment, state, frequency, and labor required

How it Works

RR defines commercial drop-offs as deliveries that result in rebates and/or Processing & Handling Fees.

  1. Businesses interested in scheduling a drop-off(s) of commercial quantities of materials to our facility should call 214.566.3025 in advance to set up an account and confirm the details of the delivery
  2. Our office will confirm whether the load qualifies for a rebate and/or Processing & Handling Fees
  3. A delivery date and time is scheduled
  4. Drop-off commences under the agreed-upon Terms

* Please note that in the case of mixed loads (i.e. multiple grades of a single material, multiple materials in a single load), Sorting Fees may be applicable. Depackaging Fees may apply to loads featuring packaged goods (e.g. shrink-wrapped items, boxed goods, etc.).

For questions about our capabilities as a clean Material Recovery Facility (MRF), please call us at 214.566.3025 or leave a message here.

For a complete list of materials we divert from local landfills, click here.