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This is what One-Stop Shop for Zero Waste looks like.


Commercial Drop-Offs

In 2016, RR received more commercial deliveries--of a wider range of materials--than ever before. If your company transports large quantities of materials and is looking for a place to responsibly divert them from local landfills, please feel free to contact us. If we can't accept the materials you transport, we may know a place that can.


  • No lines
  • Dock access
  • Grade-level access
  • Forklifts for unloading
  • Wide range of materials accepted
  • Unpackaging capabilities
  • Rebates available for qualifying materials
  • Processing Fees (for Sorting, Unpackaging, etc.) apply to some loads

Materials Accepted

  • Commercial* quantities of baled, contained, and/or palletized grades of paper (MIX, SOP, SWL); plastic (PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS); aluminum & tin cans; cardboard (OCC); glass bottles (all colors); batteries; ballasts; lamps & bulbs; electronics; Styrofoam; spoiled food products, and more.

* RR assesses each load we receive individually based on weight, volume, containment, state, frequency, and labor required

How it Works

  1. Businesses interested in scheduling a drop-off(s) of commercial quantities of materials to our facility should call our office in advance to set up an account and confirm the details of the prospective delivery;
  2. We will confirm whether the load qualifies for a rebate and/or Processing Fees
  3. A delivery date and time is scheduled;
  4. Drop-off commences under the agreed-upon Terms

* Please note that in the case of mixed loads (i.e. various grades of a single material, or various materials in a load), Sorting Fees may be applicable. Unpackaging Fees may apply to loads featuring packaged goods (i.e. shrink-wrapped items, boxed items, etc.).

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Event Recycling & Composting

Each year, RR helps dozens of North Texas events "go green", providing recycling, composting, and Zero Waste services to premier events like Earth Day Texas (EDTx), Wanderlust, Texas Veggie Fair, Taste of Addison, the Dallas St. Patrick's Parade, LifeWalk, and the Earth Day After Party.


  • Wide range of services, including recycling, hauling, consulting, and project management
  • Ability to provide training and/or staffing if desired
  • Ability to categorize materials received and track weights, volumes, and total waste diversion rate

How It Works

10 years of experience has taught us that there truly is no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to responsibly diverting waste from events. We can be:

  1. A Zero Waste coordinator (helping draw up recycling and composting plans, monitoring purchasing policies, coordinating with vendors, etc.); 
  2. A full-scale service provider (providing on-site labor, as well as hauling and recycling) services);
  3. A hauler (providing and collecting recycling/compost containers from the event)
  4. A destination for your recyclables, (receiving and processing the resources generated at your event, brought to us by a 3rd-party hauler); 
  5. Or something in between.

If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, fear not: we can get creative together!

Other Services

  • Waste Audits
  • Secure Document Destruction
  • E-Waste Drives
  • Project Management

  • In-depth design & implementation of tailor-made waste reduction programs aimed at eliminating unnecessary production, designing outside-the-box reuse of existing products, and recycling + composting unavoidable product streams.

  • If your business currently has waste, compost, and/or recycling programs, but would like to improve on those processes--or simply shrink the number of monthly invoices received--RR can act as a project manager. Let us consolidate all of your existing programs or establish a new program that focuses on diverting more from the landfill and keeping more in your wallet!