What makes an item Hard-to-Recycle?

There are a number of reasons why a given product or resource may be difficult to recycle, and therefore be considered a HaRM item at RR. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  1. The item (or the resources with which it is manufactured) is new to the market, and therefore the processors with access to the technology to recycle it is costly). Example: 
  2. The item has long been replaced in the market, making the technology rare . Examples: VHS tapes, cassette tapes
  3. The item is composed of multiple materials, necessitating special and/or tedious labor costs in order to effectively process. Examples: electronics (e-waste), 
  4. The item is composed of hazardous materials, necessitating special transportation and labor costs in order to safely process. Examples: Batteries, lamps.
  5. The logistics inherent to recycling the product in North Texas are unfavorable (i.e. the closest responsible processing facilities are far away), necessitating additional transportation costs. Examples: Styrofoam, VHS tapes
  6. The item is especially bulky, necessitating additional storage and/or handling costs. Examples: Tires (not currently acceptable at RR), Styrofoam