What makes an item Hard-to-Recycle (HaRM)?

There are a number of reasons why a given product or resource may be difficult to recycle, and therefore be considered a HaRM item at RR.

Here are some of the most common reasons:

  1. The item (or the resources with which it is manufactured) is new to the market, and access to the proper recycling technology is limited.

  2. The item has long been replaced in the market, making the recycling technology rare & costly. Examples: VHS tapes, film negatives, cassette tapes

  3. The item is composed of multiple materials, necessitating special and/or tedious labor costs in order to effectively process. Examples: electronics (e-waste), Tetrapak, VHS tapes, cassette tapes

  4. The item is composed of hazardous materials, necessitating special transportation & labor costs in order to safely process. Examples: Batteries, lamps.

  5. The logistics inherent to recycling the product in North Texas are unfavorable, necessitating additional transportation costs. Examples: Styrofoam, VHS tapes

  6. The item is especially bulky, necessitating additional storage and/or handling costs. Examples: Tires (not currently acceptable at RR), Styrofoam