Can you tell me more about your Service Agreements?

Sure. In our line of work, tedious multi-year contracts (typically, 3-5 years) are the norm--and not without reason: in addition to sourcing, financing, and installing pricey equipment and containers for customers, recycling companies are tasked with coordinating complex, interdependent routes based on individual customer preferences and needs. Locking up customers long-term (especially with punitive 'out' clauses) is one proven way to both recover capital expenses and add stability to routes.

Long-term contracts are necessary sometimes (especially in the case of complex programs requiring expensive equipment), but our standard Service Agreements continue to be 1 page, 1 year, and with an easy-to-read 'out' clause that allows Clients to discontinue service at any time and for any reason by simply emailing or texting.

Other important stuff covered in the Agreement: cancellation fee (one month of regular service to help us recover the costs of delivering your containers, retrieving them, and opening and closing the account), contamination fees (intended for programs that regularly neglect the cleanliness of their stream, but applicable in all instances), and the right to be on your property (to you know, collect your recyclables!).

We keep our contracts short and sweet because we believe our outstanding service is enough to keep you working with us. If you aren't happy with our service and don't believe we can resolve it, we wouldn't want to keep you

Of course, if you ever want to start back up again, the process will be even easier the next time