How to Identify a HaRM Item

We always recommend calling us prior to bringing a non-traditional item to our Center in order to avoid unexpected fees.

That said, here are some basic guidelines to help you decipher in advance whether a recyclable might classify as HaRM and potentially be subject to fees.

There's a good chance an item is considered HaRM (and may therefore be subjected to an additional fee) if:

  1. The item in question is not "Traditional"
  2. The item in question is not a food product
  3. The item in question is electronic
  4. The item in question consists of multiple materials (like a VHS tape)


    A special note about clothing, toys, and other potentially donatable items: please donate them to a local charity. While RR does accept potentially reusable items via our Drop-Off program, we are not a donation center and cannot guarantee (unless agreed upon otherwise) that any item brought to our Center for the intended purposes of donation will, in fact, be donated.


    Hard-to-Recycle Materials (HaRM)

    Some things are easier to recycle than others. At RR, Hard-to-Recycle Materials (HaRM) is a broad category of recyclables that encompasses a variety of products, each with its own unique recovery situation.

    Some of the most common HaRM items at RR include:

    • Electronics ("e-waste")
    • Televisions (TVs)
    • Light bulbs & lamps
    • Batteries
    • Ballasts
    • Clean Styrofoam products
    • VHS tapes
    • CDs and DVDs (and the accompanying "jewel" cases)

      HaRM Fees

      At RR, HaRM items share just one thing in common: for one reason or another, they're costly to recycle responsibly.

      Because of this, many--but not all--HaRM items are subject to an additional fee at our Center. These HaRM fees may relate to handling, storage, transportation, and/or processing (charged to RR by third parties) of a given item.

      While HaRM fees tend not to be substantial on a per unit basis, they can add up in cases of large quantities.

        For questions about HaRM items, please feel free to contact us.

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