Glass Bottles

RR was founded (way back when!) in 2008 specifically to help bars and restaurants responsibly recycle their glass bottles.

While we have since come to accept a much larger variety of materials, bottle recycling continues to be an issue that remains near and dear to our heart, and today RR is the leading collector of post consumer-grade glass bottles for recycling in Dallas-Fort Worth. (Sadly, bottle recycling rates remain shockingly low in North Texas.)

We accept all colors, shapes, and sizes of glass bottles at our Center, but please note that we accept bottles only--no plate glass, windows, mirrors, ceramics, porcelain, glass trophies, or similar products.

Labels are both expected and acceptable, but we ask that you remove any corks, screw-on tops, plastic lids, and other encumbrances from your bottles prior to depositing them, and that they are empty and reasonably free of limes, napkins, and other contaminants.

To find out which bars & restaurants near you are recycling their glass bottles, and/or to help spread the word about glass recycling in Dallas, click here.

For questions about glass bottle recycling, please feel free to contact us.

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