Recycling & Composting for Apartments & Condos

(Yes, it can be done.)


A recent study on attitudes & perceptions towards recycling in apartments conducted by the Texas Campaign for the Environment (TCE) in 2016 found that, while less than 50% of Dallasites currently engage in recycling in their place of residence, a whopping 100% of participants agreed that recycling was "the right thing to do."

Why the disparity? Simple. Recycling isn't convenient--or even offered--by many apartments and condos.

Recycling & Compost Programs for Apartments & Condominiums

RR has provided convenient, affordable, and effective recycling & compost collection programs to Dallas-Fort Worth's most environmentally-responsible Apartments and Condominiums since 2008.

We offer a number of containers and collection scenarios to choose from, as well as staff and tenant orientations, educational signage, and other tools to help your program run smoothly and effectively.

Common collection scenarios include:


Recycling shouldn't be complicated, and it shouldn't be inconvenient. Our Blue Bag Program addresses both of these concerns.

If there's one thing we've learned in our 10 years of providing service to apartments & condos, it's this: a blue bag program is the most tenant-friendly, environmentally-responsible way to help your tenants recycle.

Our Blue Bag program allows tenants to recycle in the comfort of their own apartment - just like home owners. They simply place their paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and glass bottles into the blue bags issued by the property. We'll do our part to make sure everyone knows about the program, but participation is voluntary - if they don't make the effort to pick up their bags each week (or month, depending on the property's preferences), they won't be able to recycle. 

Your tenants will appreciate that, and the environment will appreciate your. If you choose to go with blue bags, you'll have yourself a program everyone can be proud of. And it isn't expensive.

Dumpsters - the most affordable alternative.

Dumpsters aren't sexy (even if they're turquoise and have our logo!), but they're efficient, predictable, and affordable.

95-gallon Roll-Out Containers (Condos, multi-plexes, and small apartment buildings only)



Starting an effective recycling program is one of the easiest, most affordable, and most visible ways for multi-tenant communities to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Texans throw away an average of 7 pounds of waste (including recyclables and compostables) per day. With recyclables constituting more than 50% of the Municipal Waste Stream, starting an effective recycling program is a great way to reduce current property waste hauling and "environmental" (landfill-based) fees.

With the City of Dallas earmarking 2019 as the date for mandatory Apartment recycling in Dallas (it will be mandatory in Fort Worth by 2014), properties that implement effective recycling programs prior to that date will not only be satisfying the current demands of their Tenants, but will be ahead of the market curve, as well, while those who wait run the risk of negative perception by current Tenants and future prospects, alike.


Why are programs better than dumpsters? 

The more effective a recycling program, the lower monthly "trash" bill

Our Services for Apartments & Condos

Recycle Revolution (RR) is North Texas's premier recycling collection service for Apartments and Condominiums, collecting a wider array of materials and offering a larger selection of collection solutions than any other company we know of.

Our services for Apartments & Condos include: 

  • Reycling collection

  • Compost collection

  • Solid waste collection

  • Waste audits

  • Regular or scheduled Pick-ups of Hard-to-Recycle Materials (HaRM) such as lamps, bulbs, ballasts, batteries, electronics

  • E-waste recycling drives,

  • Flexible collection schedules that can ebb and flow with your property's move-in periods

Our Blue Bag program is the most efficient, effective recycling program we know of.

Why Blue Bags?

  • Convenience.

  • Integrity.

  • Value. Get what you pay for--an effective recycling program--and not what you don't: a glorified waste program. By allowing Tenants who want to recycle the ability to recycle in the comfort of their own homes, you also prevent those who do not recycle from sabotaging the program

  • Information. R can ount our bags for your property following each pick-up, allowing you to gauge participation rates throughout the year.

Why RR?

 For a longer list, click here. We'll keep it short in this space and say:

  • Partnership. We are partners with our Clients, not simply vendors.

  • Education

  • Reliable Service

  • Accessibility

  • Feedback

  • Responsibility

  • Reputation. Our brand matters to us. Your Tenants will appreciate you going the extra mile to make sure their recyclables are in good (environmentally- and socially-responsible hands). With us, they are.


In addition to our Blue Bags, RR maintains a variety of collection containers, making recycling easy for Communities of all shapes and sizes. These containers include:

  • Stationary & self-contained compactors

  • 15-, 20-, and 30yd roll-off ("open-top") containers

  • 4-, 6-yd, and 8-yd dumpsters

  • 95-gallon roll-out containers ("toters")

Want a free quote? Click here. Or click here for a copy of our revolutionary 2010-2011 line of Collection Plans for Apartments and Condominiums.

If you are a tenant at an apartment that doesn't currently recycle, click here for more information on how you can help get recycling at your property.

  1. Start bringing your recyclables to our Community Drop-Off Center in Deep Ellum (near downtown Dallas).

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