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Recycle Revolution charges to recycle hard-to-recycle materials (HaRM) for a variety of reasons. Here (in no particular order) are a few scenarios:

  • When RR, itself, is charged a fee to recycle the material(s) in question. This is the case with all electronics, light bulbs, and batteries, which RR delivers to certified E-Steward facilities, as well as most compostable materials, which are delivered to commercial composting facilities.
    • Example(s): electronics, light bulbs, batteries, larger composting loads
  • When the material(s) in question offer little-to-no financial return in the North Texas market.
    • Example(s): Porcelain toilets, expanded Polystyrene ("Styrofoam"), lighter composting loads
  • When the logistical costs involved with process a given material(s) mandate an addition charge (although in many cases, the material, itself, may have value). This scenario is often the result of a lack of adequate local infrastructure.
    • Example: Glass bottles.

Last updated on April 13, 2011 by Eddie Lott