F.A.Q. > What We Do and Don't Recycle > Is wet paper recyclable? Why or why not?

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Recyclable? Maybe.

Acceptable? No. 

Strangely (and unfortunately) enough, wet paper products are highly undesireable and often times even unacceptable to recyclers--RR included. There are a variety of reasons: Moisture harms paper fibers, leaving them brittle and generally unsuitable for making into new paper. And then there is the (very important) issue of pay, namely: paper mills do not want to pay the extra weight of water! This is just one of the reasons why RR strongly encourages "separate" (not "single") stream recycling. If you are recycling with us, please do your best to avoid placing wet (or previously wet) paper products inside of your recyclables stream.

Last updated on March 11, 2011 by Eddie Lott