F.A.Q. > What We Do and Don't Recycle > Does RR recycle toilets?

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Yes, BUT...

     1. ONLY via collection (no drop-offs accepted)

     2. ONLY in large quantities (10 units or greater)

     3. There is both a collection and a processing fee

     4. All non-porcelain parts must be removed prior to collection

Typical scenarios include remodeling (of offices, hotels, etc.) and demoliltion. RR can arrange for a 15- or 30yd roll-off container for collection. Toilets are crushed and blended with concrete to create road-base.

In the past we accepted individual toilets (for a fee) at our Drop-Off Center in the Dallas Design District but, sadly, the quantities were insufficient to continue the program. We will keep our eye out for new demand for that service in the future!

Last updated on June 13, 2014 by Eddie Lott