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Traditionals (FREE): Paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard (broken down, please), and glass bottles.

HaRM (FREE): E-Waste (TVs, monitors, computers, cell phones, computer components, etc.) and CDs (removed from casing, please).

HaRM (NOT FREE): packing Styrofoam (including coolers), VHS tapes, cassettes, Styrofoam cups and to-go ware, packing peanuts (bagged, please!), batteries, light bulbs/lamps & fixtures, binders.

Items to avoid bringing: Large appliances (refridgerators), hazardous materials (paint cans with paint, oil cans with oil, etc.), tires, window panes, and toilets.

Don't see an item on here? Contact us! We may know a local facility that does accept it.

Last updated on January 22, 2013 by Eddie Lott