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The containers we collect range in size from small blue bags (commonly used by apartments & condominiums, as well as retail storefronts with limited space), to industrial-sized stationary and self-contained compactors (common in larger office buildings & industrial facilities, hotels, hospitals, and distribution centers).

Here are a few of the containers that RR provides and collects:

  • Blue Bags
  • Indoor Containers
  • 95-gal Roll-Out Carts
  • 1/2-yd and 1-yd Tilt Trucks
  • 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-yd Dumpsters
  • 15-, 30-, and 40-yd Roll-off ("Open-top") Containers
  • Stationary & Self-contained Compactors
  • Balers

RR also can provide what we call "intermediary" containers. Intermediary containers are intended to help our Clients create effective programs, but are meant for our Clients' in-house use only--meaning RR does not collect them regularly as part of that program.

Intermediary containers may include:

  • Deskside bins
  • 23-gal Slim Jims
  • 23-gal Squares
  • 50-gal Squares
  • 50-gal Barrels

Last updated on March 1, 2011 by Eddie Lott