F.A.Q. > Collection > What constitutes "overflow"?

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A typical (but unacceptable!) "overflow" situation."Overflow" is the term we use to describe:

  1. Any material(s) located outside of our designated collection container(s).
  2. Any material(s) that prevent our designated container(s) from closing.

Please note that it is RR policy that overflow collection is at the sole discretion of our drivers. As a general rule, if our drivers feel that they have the space, time, and energy to collect overflow--and are not continuously faced with overflow from a particular location--they will make an attempt to collect it.

Please also note that neither the nature (i.e. paper, plastic, etc.) or the state (i.e. loose, boxed, etc.) of overflow does not determine whether it is considered overflow.


Last updated on April 16, 2011 by Eddie Lott