F.A.Q. > Collection > I already have my own container (toter, dumpster, etc.). Can RR collect that one or do I have to get another one?

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Great question.

The short answer is that it depends.

If you (or your business, apartment, etc.) currently owns a rear-load dumpster (be it 2-, 3-, 4-, or 6-yd) or a compactor with receiving container, there is a good chance that RR can utilize that container in our collection program.

If you (or your business, apartment, etc.) currently own a 95-gallon roll-out container (i.e. the "blue bin" provided to residents by the City of Dallas), RR may need to provide our own container(s) for the program. The reason for this is that RR frequently "swaps" these containers as part of our service, replacing old (full) containers with new (empty) ones during each pick-up. Swapping out containers keeps your containers (and our recyclables) clean and odor-free... but it may also mean having to find a different use for your current container.

If you can't find another use for it, give us a call: we may buy back your old container.


Last updated on March 1, 2011 by Eddie Lott