Certified E-Steward: What does it mean?

Why do we charge to recycle electronics while others don't? Simply put, certified compliance. Unless otherwise noted, RR delivers 100% of the electronics we receive to local certified E-Steward facilities. In turn, those facilities must regularly undergo inspections to verify that:

  1. Electronics are not exported to be recycled overseas
  2. All workers are paid at least standard minimum wage
  3. Workers are equipped with proper safety equipment, and provided regular health checks specific to the hazardous materials located at their facility

Electronics recyclers seeking E-Steward certification must allow regular auditing of their facility by an independent 3rd party company in order to verify the above 3 bulletpoints.


E-Waste is a broad category of recyclables that includes computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, and computer-related accessories (e.g. keyboards, mice, etc.), as well as cables, drives, and other similar devices. E-waste is considered a HaRM and, as of 01/18, may be subject to HaRM fees.

RR has proudly accepted & responsibly recycled obsolete electronic equipment ("e-waste") since the day we opened in 2008. During that time, it has been the single fastest-growing waste stream in the nation, expanding to include such new items as 3D printers and digital media players (e.g. Roku boxes).

New (2018) HaRM Fee

From 2008 - 2017, RR was able to accept and responsibly recycle most e-waste items for free from residents at our Community Drop-Off Center thanks to the patronage of a secret sponsor (hint: they make the world's most popular smart phone!). Unfortunately, that changed on 01/18, and we must now charge our Clients and Drop-Off Patrons in order to accept electronics.

Why We Work with E-Stewards

Working with certified E-Waste recyclers is cost-prohibitive, but we prefer it to the alternatives (including the increasingly popular R2 certification). We understand that the certification process is costly, but it gives us peace of mind to know that the materials we receive from our Clients are recycled responsibly.

It would be great if we could save everyone (including ourselves!) money. Ultimately, though, responsibility is why we're here.

In the electronics recycling industry--and so many others--we truly believe you get what you pay for.

Contractors & small businesses wanting to drop e-waste off at our Center should contact us prior to bringing them. RR also provides ongoing and one-time collection of e-waste via our Collection Services for businesses and residents.

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For current pricing, or to find out more about RR's e-waste recycling program, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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