In 2009, when RR was less than a year old, we set out to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling by cleaning up Dallas's famous Greenville Avenue St. Patrick's Day Parade.

The cleanup was a success (and a lot of fun!), and marked the first time in its storied history that the Parade had recycled.

We've been helping local events of all sizes "go green" ever since. We've sat on the board of major festivities like the Texas Veggie Fair, consulted "the world's largest and most attended Earth Day event" (2016's Earth Day Texas), and provided a variety of recycling and compost collection services to local landmark events like the 2018 NFL Draft (at AT&T Stadium in Arlington), Taste of Addison, Wanderlust, Dallas LifeWalk, Lakewoodstock, Addison Oktoberfest, and many more.

Our Services

As a vendor at events, RR offers a diverse set of services, including recycling, hauling, consulting, and project management. Here's a closer look at each:

  • Recycling. RR can receive, process, and track recyclables delivered to our Center from events. We can also report the weights and volumes back so you can market them during next year's event and track your performance year over year
  • Hauling. RR can provide containers and a fleet to transport materials to our Center and elsewhere for the purposes of being recycled and/or composted
  • Consulting
    • Green purchasing policy
    • Zero Waste strategy / layout
    • Recycling, compost, and waste logistics
  • Project management
    • Oversight of recycling, composting, and waste vendors

How It Works

A decade of experience has taught us that, when it comes to events, there is no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to responsibly diverting waste. At times, we have played the role of:

  1. A Zero Waste coordinator - helping to draw up recycling and composting plans, monitor purchasing policies, coordinate with vendors, etc; 
  2. A full-scale service provider - providing on-site staffing, signage, and containers, as well as hauling and recycling services;
  3. A hauler - providing and transporting recycling/compost containers to and from the event
  4. A destination for your recyclables - receiving and recycling the resources generated at your event; tracking weights, volumes, and waste diversion rate
  5. Or something in between

If you don't know exactly what you're looking for when it comes to our services at events, fear not! We can get creative together.

For more information about our services for events, please call us at 214.566.3025 or leave a message here.