"Mandeville": original Truck of the Revolution. "Houston" is larger but equally revolutionary! "Hou" needs a new driver...That's right, folks, we are now looking for an awesome individual to fill our part-time Driver position! Here are some of the details:


Being a Driver at RR can be a fun, educational, and rewarding experience. Individuals that maximize their time in the position will learn not only how to safely and efficiently operate their vehicle (if they did not know how to at the time of application) but also the business of logistics and how the recycling process works. Additionally, due to their constant exposure to our core services and unique intimacy with our Clientele, our Drivers often find themselves in excellent position to grow within RR.

Driving at RR is a physical workout: Drivers push, pull, lift, and generally handle containers and materials throughout the course of each day, every day. It is also a mental workout: our trucks are larger than typical passenger vehicles and require healthy doses of patience, concentration, and good temperament to maneuver through crowded (and even empty) streets. As the members of our team best positioned to interact with Clients and the general public on a daily basis, Drivers at RR also have a heightened responsibility to represent our brand, staff, and values to our Clients and the general public.

Applicants should have a local driver's license (CDLs are wonderful, but not necessary). They should be in good physical condition and have a good-natured disposition. They should be punctual and prompt and have reliable transportation to and from work. Public transportation is fine—and even encouraged—but take the early bus: there is little tolerance in RR’s Operation for tardiness. We do not require any prior professional experience for the position, but applicants must have a good driving record. Many of our best Drivers had no experience with driving (professionally) or manual labor prior coming to RR, but were willing to put in the hours necessary to excel.


  • Be at least 24yrs old
  • Reliable transportation to and from work
  • Good driving record
  • Physically fit enough to load, unload, and roll medium-to-heavy (up to 250lbs regularly; up to 500lbs occasionally) containers on a daily basis
  • Fluent in English
  • Good communication skills

Primary Responsibilities

  • To carry out the safe, timely, and friendly delivery of RR’s good and services on a daily basis
  • To represent RR and our staff, standards, and values to both our Clients and the general public
  • To keep designated vehicle(s) in clean and optimal working order
  • To communicate well with co-workers and behave in a way that reflects RR’s values
  • To carry out other duties as requested by the CM or other Managers

Specific Duties

  • To operate designated vehicle(s) to make collections
  • To swap out new (clean, empty) containers for full ones on Clients’ sites
  • To load and unload containers and/or materials at RR
  • To operate the liftgate as necessary     
  • To troubleshoot at collection sites when necessary and acceptable 
  • To operate the vehicle to make deliveries
  • To perform heavy lifting of containers and other equipment
  • To obtain payments, signatures, bills of lading, and/or other documentation from Clients when necessary, and to give them receipts, as requested by CM
  • To program the GPS in order to complete routes in an efficient manner
  • To perform other Operational tasks as requested by the CM


Drivers of our larger box trucks (such as this one) receive paid training for up to 3 months (depending on the individual) at $9/hour, followed by a starting hourly wage of $12.00/hour, with opportunities for regular raises and performance bonuses.

What skills do I need and how can I get promoted?

     First and foremost, you need to be a safe and considerate driver! To put it succinctly, our business, clients, and staff all depend on our trucks being on the road, day in and day out. Additionally, other drivers on the road will expect you to handle your vehicle extra courteously and responsibly since you are handling a large, commercial vehicle.  You should observe all speed limits and obey all street signs.

     You should always be kind, hard-working, and have a positive attitude. It also helps if you have dedication: we have a very strong history of employing and promoting individuals that have a strong passion for either the environment, the community, their job, or our company—preferably all of the above!

     Drivers at RR must be at least 24 years of age and hold a valid Texas Driver’s License. RR conducts driving record checks on all applicants, and we strongly prefer that our Drivers are accident- and ticket-free for at least three (3) years prior to employment. Applicants may be asked to complete a driving test with a certified instructor to make sure they understand all road signs and are aware of set speed limits.

     Friendliness and good communication skills are essential—our Drivers generally spend at least half of their workday interacting with Clients and the general public, and represent our brand, staff, and values every single day. RR drivers should always remain friendly and pleasant, even when pick-up conditions are not (it happens!). Attention to detail (i.e. directions, addresses, delivery instructions, etc.) is crucial—getting lost is not an excuse for a missed pick-up.

     Good hygiene is important, too! Remember, drivers are literally the face of our company.

     Lastly, Drivers need to be good time managers—we expect you to be punctual, but not to rush!