What We Do (and Don't) Accept at Our Center

The list of materials we recycle (and compost) at our Center is long and constantly changing. Please click here for a complete list, and call 214.566.3025 if you are unsure whether we accept a particular item or not. If we can't take an item, we'll always try to help you find a place that does.

Here is a quick breakdown of the items we do and don't accept from residents (i.e. the general public):

Traditional (FREE): paper, plastic, aluminum cans, tin cans, metals, cardboard, glass bottles. Please note RR does not offer any rebates to the general public for these materials. If you'd like to be eligible for rebates at our Center, please click here to apply for a small business account with us.

E-Waste (FREE): computers, laptops, monitors, cell phones, electronic media devices (e.g. DVD players, VCRs, etc.), printers, fax machines, cables, computer-related accessories (e.g. keyboards, mice, etc.), small domestic appliances (e.g. microwaves, toasters, etc.), and non-cathode ray "tube" televisions (TVs). Please note that we do not accept any large appliances (e.g. refrigerators).

HaRM (PROCESSING FEES APPLY AND VARY BY ITEM): Styrofoam, light bulbs and lamps, batteries (all types except for car batteries), ballasts, pallets, cathode ray "tube" televisions (TVs).

Food Waste ($1 PER GALLON): Fruits and vegetables (i.e. produce), meats, dairy, grains and carbohydrates, sweets, powders, compostable utensils and to-go bags, and more. *If you're looking for a way to transport your compostables to and from our Center, we sell 5-gallon buckets with locking gamma lids and recycling guideline stickers at our Center for $20 each. Alternatively, you can bring your own container from home (e.g. paper bag, reusable bag or tub, etc.).


Free Tours

We're passionate about responsible resource recovery, and we love sharing the knowledge we've gained over the years with all those who are interested. Our co-Founder, Maria, is a former school teacher here in Dallas-Fort Worth, and she brought her passion for education with her. 

Our Community Drop-Off Center is family-friendly (we even host the occasional children's birthday party!) and we enjoy giving tours. If you're interested in coming by and learning a little more about the local recycling process or Recycle Revolution itself, don't hesitate give us a call to schedule a free tour. 

You can see some fun pics of our Center here.

Our Center

Our award-winning collection service for businesses may pay the bills, but like most small businesses, we didn't start RR just to make money. We're passionate about the work we do, and we're passionate about the city (and state!) we call home.

For 10 years running, our Community Drop-Off Center has given us the opportunity to share our passion for responsible resource recovery with North Texans. Meeting like-minded neighbors who care as much about our community and the environment as we do makes our days more fun and rewarding, and helps us take our minds off of the hot Texas summer!

If you find yourself in our neck of the woods (Love Field), we'd love to meet and recycle with you, too.


RR moved in 2017 to our current location near Love Field Airport. Here is our new address:

6835 Forest Park Rd

Dallas, TX 75235



Our drop-off hours change seasonally in accordance with our routes and daylight savings (we operate routes beginning as early as 5:30 am during the summer, for example). We're currently closed on the weekends, but that may change in the near future. Here are our Center's current visiting hours:

Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday: closed