2015 Summer Classes

Happy Summer, Revolutionaries! Congratulations on surviving yet another strange Texas winter/spring-thing! :D

The time is finally right for us to return to our natural state: crazy-hot!

We are super excited to announce that we will be continuing our sustainability-focused home improvement classes over the next few months, with the possibility of adding a few more next season, as well. We think these classes make pretty neat gifts for that special do-it-all homeowner in your life (or even a swell summer breakfast date)!!

Here (below) is our 2015 Summer Class Schedule thus far. Please note that, unless otherwise noted, all RR classes will be held at our Community Drop-Off Center & offices located at 7600 Sovereign Row (in the Dallas Design District, near Mockingbird & 35). Please don't hesitate to call us at 214.566.3025 or email Maria at maria@recyclerevolutiondallas.com to reserve a spot or find out more!

Hope to see you here! :D

(And remember to dress to sweat!)

2015 Summer Classes:


If we told you there was an organic liquid so potent that just 5 gallons of it could provide nutrients for an entire acre of land, yet that same quantity could be poured on a single plant without causing ANY burn… would you believe us? Well, it’s true! And that liquid, friends, is called compost tea.

In this one-of-a-kind class, guest instructor Shaun Mayfield will teach attendees several ways to vermicompost (compost using worms) in order to leverage one of nature’s most incredible creatures. Attendees will learn how to operate everything from “below-the-counter” kitchen composters to larger, more complex systems, as well as how to create worm castings and the afore-mentioned compost tea.

Shaun, a leadership strategist & coach who speaks regularly about kaizen (continual improvement) and the importance of living intentionally, sees parallels between the choices we make on a daily basis and the food-growing process, and he applies his philosophies, education, and teaching experience to this imminently practical—yet entirely unique—class. We hope you’ll join us!

Class: Vermicomposting & Compost Tea

Instructor: Shaun Mayfield

Date: Saturday, May 30, 2015

Time: 10am (approx. 75-90 minutes, depending on class)

Location: RR Community Drop-Off Center (7600 Sovereign Row Dallas, TX 75247)

Cost: $5/person

Seats: limited (call to reserve)



Wanna dive a bit further into the composting process? We’re proud to announce our inaugural Composting & Soils class, held at our Community Drop-Off Center on Saturday, June 27. Our guest instructor, Margaux Khosraviani, is a permaculturist with a background in biology and a deep passion for soils. Certified in Permaculture Design, she specializes in soil microbiology and compost-making. 

Soil is the most important element to consider in your yard, and this 90-minute presentation will introduce you to soil & compost on a microbiological level, as well as provide knowledge that can be applied in diverse circumstances, anywhere you may live. No matter what your level of experience with soils and composting, there will be something new to learn, including what the Denton Permaculture organization is all about!

Class: Composting & Soils

Instructor: Margaux Khosraviani

Date: Saturday, June 27

Time: 10:00am (approx. 90 minutes, depending on class)

Location: RR Community Drop-Off Center (7600 Sovereign Row Dallas, TX 75247)

Cost: $5/person

Seats: limited (call to reserve!)

Thank you so much for your attention! PLEASE spread the word about our new Summer Classes to your friends and/or anyone you think might be interested in making their home a more sustainable and rewarding place to dwell! :)


Canning & Preserving Food

Wanna make something lasting (& delicious) out of that fresh summer produce? Well, here’s your chance! RR is proud to announce our first-ever canning & preserving food class. Led by instructor Judy Wagner, attendees will receive the knowledge necessary to safely preserve & can food. They’ll also take home a jar of strawberry preserves and another of baked bread(!). The agenda looks a little like this:


  1. Introduction, basic safety
  2. Canning “do's” & “don'ts”
  3. Sterilization is our friend!
  4. Prep: materials and different canning methods
  5. Jams and jellies
  6. Prep for breads, “do's” and “don'ts” in using canning jars for breads
  7. Breads
  8. Wrap up, questions 
  9. Info about future classes & contact numbers


Class: Canning & Preserving Food

Instructor: Judy Wagner

Date: Saturday, July 25

Time: 10am (approx. 120-150 minutes, depending on class)

Location: RR Community Drop-Off Center (7600 Sovereign Row Dallas, TX 75247)

Cost: $5/person

Seats: limited (call to reserve!)